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The Gospel Challenge

The Gospel Challenge

What is the Gospel Challenge?

The Gospel Challenge was started in the wake of the Ice Bucket Challenge. When we saw millions of people blindly following others without really knowing what ALS was or what the challenge was all about was down right concerning. We wanted a challenge that offers Hope through Faith, is based on Truth in Love, and doesn't cost you a dime, the price has already been paid!

The Gospel Challenge is simple. Make a video of yourself sharing the Gospel... it can be a story, a verse, your testimony, how you where saved or how the Bible has touched you. The whole point is to just get out and share the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ.

The Rules?

These are super simple too! If you've been challenged, you have 24hrs to make a video, post it and challenge others!
(Don't forget to use the hashtag #gospelchallenge)

What happens if I don't share the Gospel?

Shame on you! (Just Kidding). In Matthew, Jesus gave us the Great Commission, to "go into all the world, preaching the gospel" (notice this isn't just for Pastors, it's for all of us), even though Jesus wants us to share the Gospel, it is not a stipulation for Salvation. Just like Jesus doesn't put stipulations on Salvation, we don't put them on the Gospel Challenge. But just keep in mind, if no one shared the Gospel with you, you might not be a Christian. So while there are no real stipulations, don't you want to follow the the Great example Jesus left for us?

What happens if I take longer than 24 hours?

Don't worry about! Just share whenever you can... But hurry! :D

What Next?

You can use the facebook comments section below to share your video and make a bigger impact!

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